Chinese Herbs

chinese herbsChinese herbal prescriptions are based on individual diagnosis, which are tailored to suit the individual.  Herbs are prescribed most commonly as an adjunct to acupuncture or on their own to rebalance the system.  Chinese formulations are nearly always a combination of herbs and are best prescribed by a qualified practitioner.  

The Chinese herbs at Nikau Room are freeze dried granules and are taken as a tea (just add water)- very easy.

When herbs are taken depends on clients Individual Pattern Identification, they may be taken anywhere from a couple of doses on a regular daily basis or at specific times in treatment of specific conditions. 

The herbs I stock are are supplied by,   Tianjian Pharmaceutical Co, China distributed by Chinawest, Fremantle, Western Australia.  They are produced according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) and are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Agency) of Australia approved.  I mainly stock Sheng Foong Co Ltd herbs of Taiwan, distributed by Ji De Tang in Hamilton, the herbs are brought in directly from Taiwan.  All herbs are produced to a very high standard, tested for contaminants.   For more information visit At Nikau Room we do not use any endangered species of herbs. 

Some Chinese medicines are of animal origin such as oyster shell, pearl, paua shell, deer velvet (local).

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