Lucinda Miln

NDA - MNZA - ACC Treatment Provider - Registered Acupuncturist - Chinese Herbalist Medicine- Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, Dietary Therapy, Lifestyle Advice, 021895004. 

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbalism has been my chosen vocation since 2001.  Health & wellbeing are a passion for me, I value living fully, healthily, active, long & happy life in Mind & Body.  I actively utilise Chinese Medicine myself, I believe & know through experience it is an important stand alone medicine and a useful adjunct to other therapies.

After the February 2011 earthquakes Lu moved her business Nikau Room to 164 Clarence Street, in the Happy Spine building.  

Lu qualified with a National Diploma from the ChCh College of Holistic Healing, along side this she studied Chinese Herbology with Heiko Lade, believing it to be an important aspect of the medicine. 

In Clinic Lu identifies & differentiates patterns of disharmony that are causing imbalance and works toward restoring right relationship (balance); utilising the full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine; moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, acupuncture, dry needles, trigger point release, tendon stretching (like myofascial release) cupping and Chinese Herbalism. 

Lu empowers individuals with the tools to attain & maintain balance to reach her clients specific treatment goals.  Tools such as, diet & lifestyle advice, breathing technique, effective stretching techniques she has developed as take home practices for individuals to use to maintain & assist in the process of restoration & balance.

You can start your healing journey today call 021895004 or book online via

Nikau Room is a stand alone business run from the Happy Spine Building
164 Clarence St