Tendon Stretching (like myofascial release)

Tendon Stretching is a technique pioneered by an Acupuncture practitioner Phil McQueen (rip).  Phil took some ideas from therapies like Bowen, Osteopathy & Acupuncture, mashed them together to form Tendon Releasing, used along side Acupuncture or straight massage the technique is very effective treatment of a variety musculoskeletal conditions.

Tendon Releasing is utilising the bodys' priorioception system in order to remind the tendons and muscles to relax. 
I explain what's happening at time of treatment to get you in the know of how it all works.

I utilise this system with Acupuncture and or Massage to;

Restore Range of Motion
Pain Reduction
Improvement of Muscular Dysfunction due to Immobilisation
Assist in Muscle Recovery & Strength Conditioning

Following and sometimes during treatment I refer you for specific muscle activation exercises to assist in achieving full recovery.