My Fertility treatment includes, Dietary & Lifestyle recommendations,recommended testing via your Doctor, Supplement recommendations, Herbal Prescriptions tailored to your Specific Conditions, Stretching, Self Massage, Breathing techniques.
Male fertility sessions are recommended - remember the sperm is 50% of the dna offering at conception!

Research has shown Acupuncture may be supportive in;
Pre & Post Embryo transplant treatment
IVF Preparation Support
Stress Management & Relaxation
Miscarriage Support

Other Conditions that may respond to Acupuncture;
Menopausal Imbalances
Irregular Menstruation
Menstrual Pain
Hormonal Imbalances

In Pregnancy Acupuncture may also treat;
Breech Position Babies
Morning Sickness
Birth Preparation
Pain Relief
Back Pain

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