Fertility treatment at Nikau Room

People often seek acupuncture in preparing their  internal landscape for conception.

In my practice I take a Whole System Chinese Medicine approach including;

 The Chinese Medical language for diagnosing the signs and symptoms people present with is "Patterns of Disharmony".  These are determined by the practitioner differentiating your patterns with a detailed intake of information (a snapshot of your current TCM status)  from there a treatment plan is formulated and includes the Whole System approach listed above.

Thoughts to consider; does a seed grow where it is too cold,   too hot   or   doesn't have fertile soil that will nourish and sustain it?  does a seed grow if it is too damp, or if it doesn't have a supply of nutrients?   As a pracitioner I look for everything in the system which may be inhibiting
fertility & work toward balancing & restoring the natural flow to maximise potential.

How long does treatment take?

3-6 months of traditional Chinese medical treatment is considered a reasonable time to observe menstrual cycle changes.  The time involved with treatment can vary widely depending on the individual presentation of both the man and woman. Some women are pregnant within 1 cycle, others may take much longer depending on their individual diagnosis and circumstances.

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