Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Treatment for Post Partum Conditions

The strength of Chinese Medicine lies in its ability to  address the underlying causes of disharmonies, which when treated allow for sustained results.

Back Pain

Acupuncture in the treatment of back pain has to be one of the most well known applications of the medicine.  Post birth women are particularly vulnerable to a weakness in the back, this is due to the kidney qi being depleted for the growth of the baby, the kidneys govern the lower back!  Support with herbs, acupuncture and advice to rebalance and tonify qi, blood and kidney energy are utilised to balance the system.

Causative factors of your back pain ideally are differentiated and diagnosed by an experienced acupuncturist, referral for physiotherapy, osteopathic, chiropractic or to your GP may be advised.  If you have sustained an accidental injury you may be eligable for treatment from ACC in support of your rehabilitation. 


Fatigue, Anxiety and Tiredness occurs  very commonly post birth, acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are recommended to tonify the qi and blood, naturally supporting your system back to a  vitality.

Insufficient Lactation

Acupuncture is a very effective treatment for insufficient lactation.  When the body is in a depleted state, there may not be enough resources to supply and maintain adequate production of milk when breast feeding.  This commonly occurs post partum (after birth) when the qi and blood are often depleted.  Nourishment and systemic support to rebalance the qi and blood with Acupuncture and herbs is an ideal natural approach.


Insomnia can become an an incessant cycle and can contribute to Post Natal Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue/Tiredness.   In Chinese Medicine the Shen (spirit) is housed in the blood.  When there is not enough blood to house the shen it  becomes disturbed insomnia amongst other signs and symptoms occur.  Commonly this is due to blood loss, fluid loss (via blood and sweat) and heat in the system which parches the blood, occuring during pregnancy at birth and or post birth.  Support with diet, herbs and acupuncture to rebalance qi, tonify yin and blood and or clear heat & blood stagnation are utilised to balance the system. 
Points and treatment are selected according to the categories arising from a Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis. 


In Chinese Medicine several factors contribute to the occurence of Mastitis.  Support with herbs and acupuncture to rebalance the flow of qi, blood, clear heat, damp and heat & blood stagnation are utilised to balance the system. 
If not caught early enough treatment is often necessary with antibiotics.

LINK:  Randomised-controlled trial in Sweden of acupuncture and care interventions for the relief of inflammatory symptoms of the breast during lactation.

Night Sweating

Night Sweating is a common imbalance to occur post birth, it is a symptom in Chinese Medicine most likely of a Yin or Blood deficiency, excessive heat in the system.    In Chinese Medicine any loss of fluid wether it be sweat, blood, urine or tears can be a symptom and or a cause of imbalance and is a priority of treatment.  Patterns of disharmony which i most commonly see clinically associated with Night Sweating are yin deficiency, qi deficiency, blood deficiency, toxic heat accumulation, damp and heat accumulation, stagnant heat, jing deficiency and qi stagnation.  To balance night sweating your signs and symptoms need to be differentiated and treated by an experienced practitioner. Treatment with  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are likely to effectively balance your system for sustained results.   Advice and guidance is given during the initial consult, appropriate to your differentiated health status.

Post Natal Depression (PND)

In Chinese Medicine several factors contribute to the occurence of PND.  Support with herbs and acupuncture to rebalance the flow of qi, blood, clear heat, damp and heat & blood stagnation or blood deficiency is an effective way of  supporting the system back to vitality.  This is also great in combination with a talking therapy if required.

Post Partum Bleeding & Persistent Lochia

One of the functions of qi is to astringe and hold structures in place ie. blood in the vessels.  When the qi is in a weakened state leakage or prolapses can occur. Bleeding can also occur when there is excessive heat in the system.

Bleeding post birth is normal for up to 4-6weeks, (in small amounts) persistent bleeding after this from a Chinese perspective is pathological.  Blood is a substance of vital importance, bleeding for an extended period of time is extremely depleting on the system, it is a priority for this to be stopped so the system is not depleted further.  Supportive treatment with acupuncture and herbs helps to ensure this is rectified quickly and efficiently. 

Post Traumatic Stress

This application of acupuncture is not commonly known in New Zealand.  Acupuncture helps to calm the shen (spirit), settle the nerves, support normal functioning of organs and aid the clearing of the energetic trauma from the body that has occurred.  Often an ideal adjunct to talking therapy.


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