Time required for treatment depends on what you have going on.  For a full assesments General Health or fertility review a 2 hour intake is necessary.  For musculo-skeletal pain, injuries and ACC appointments generally 1 hour appointments are required.  If you're unsure feel free to call or text & we can have a chat about your requirements. BOOK NOW

Monday & Wednesday 9-3pm
Tuesday & Thursday 10-8pm
Friday 9-6pm

PricingACC treatment $30 - 1hr
ACC Short Treatment, by prior arrangement $20 - 45mins
Initial Consult Fertility or General Health & Wellbeing $150-2hrs
Follow Up Appointments General $80 - 1hr
Short Follow up or Pregnancy Sessions $60 - 45mins
Herbal Consult phone, post initial consult $35 - 30mins
Thankyou Healthcare Workers Special available 3 months Post lockdown proof of employment required.

Scaled Price Options for CSC/Goldcard, Children, Youth & Students
ACC treatment $20 - 1hr
ACC treatment $15 - 45mins
Initial Consult intake & treatment $130-2hrs
Follow Up Appointments General $70 - 1hr
Children 0-5 initial consult $55 - 45mins

Cancellation Policy: Please note 24hrs notice is required of cancellation.  As per standard billing practices 50%of the booking charge will be billed if notice is not given.  24 hrs gives someone else the chance to book in to the schedule.   Thanks for your consideration.  

Herb Prices
Freeze Dried Granules & Powdered Individual Chinese herbs are prescribed and tailored to your requirements.   Price varies depending on the prescription, cost is usually around $25-35 pw.
Regarding Insurance - some companies and organisations fund or partially fund acupuncture treatment provided by NZRA members.  Check your policy or contact our broker to find out if acupuncture treatment is covered.

Some Government Departments also meet acupuncture payments, check with your organisation regarding funding.   


Payment Options; Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Internet banking by arrangement.