A particular area of interest for Lucinda is in the treatment of various skin conditions, she has focused herbal study in the treatment of many relatively common conditions.  Her focus in treatment is to differentiate the condition and treat the root of the problem.  For example Wind of the Four Crooks (Si wan feng) is one of the names used to describe a particular Eczema on the inner elbow area and back of the knees.  From a TCM perspective there can be a few underlying causes Heat with Damp & Wind Toxin, Blood Heat with Wind, Damp Heat, Dry blood etc etc with underlying causes as to why those occur.   

After the condition is differentiated In clinic Lu stocks a range of Chinese Medicine specific topical Ointments, Oils, to assist balancing the skin locally, as well as Chinese Herbal Medicine to take internally to balance the underlying contributing factors as described above.  Lu has a full herbal dispensary in her clinic for you to take away prescribed herbs.  

An initial consult is recommended for all aspects of your condition to be differentiated and treated appropriately.