About ACC

ACC & Injury Treatment
The ACC scheme provides a comprehensive, 24 hour, no fault cover, entitling all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors who suffer personal injury in New Zealand.

What does ACC Cover?
If you have sustained an injury from a Sprain, Strain, Fracture, Contusion, Sting, Birth Injury, you will be eligible to make a claim. An approved claim subsidies the cost of acupuncture treatment.

How to claim.
Whether your injury is at home or at work, the first step is to get make a claim for your injury.  You do this by visiting your G.P, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath, they will assess your injury & register a claim for you. You will be given a copy of the ACC 45 number associated with your claim.  You can take this to your preferred acc registered treatment provider & entitles you to partial cover for the cost of treatment for that injury.  

Good to note! There is a limit on the number of treatments available with acc cover for acupuncture, available treatments are 12 over 12 weeks or until your treatment goal is met