About ACC

ACC & Injury Treatment
The ACC scheme provides a comprehensive, 24 hour, no fault cover, entitling all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors who suffer personal injury in New Zealand.

What does ACC Cover?
If you have sustained an injury due to an unfortunate event, you are likely to be covered. An approved claim covers the majority of the cost of acupuncture treatment for sprains, strains, tendonitis, tears, fractures, stings, bites, pain from disc herniations,  contusions & pain caused by injury.

How to claim.
Whether your injury is at home or at work, the first step is to get make a claim for your injury.  You do this by visiting your G.P, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath, they will assess your injury & register a claim for you. You will be given a copy of the ACC 45 number associated with your claim.  You can take this to your preferred acc registered treatment provider & entitles you to partial cover for the cost of treatment for that injury.