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Lucinda is very experienced in working with clients at any stage of the fertility journey, whether you're about to have a transfer or preparing to conceive; Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may help maximise the potential for your success. 

Based on your differentiated diagnosis with information gathered during the initial consult, a treatment and plan are formulated.  This often includes; 
*  Dietary recommendations 
*  Treatment with acupuncture, cupping or electro stimulation.
*  Tendon stretching (like myofascial release)
*  Breathing & relaxation techniques.  
*  Herbs may also be given for you to take at home.

For this a 2 hour initial consult is necessary as Lu gathers information to differentiate effectively.

If you require ivf transfer treatments only Lu is happy to help.  A one hour appointment plus/and or just treatments on the day of transfer are recommended.